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Incensed Icons

Lily & Marion Icons

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Welcome to Incensed Icons, feuille_verte (Marion) and silma (Lily)'s icons journal.

This community is born from our love for icons and also the wish to create something together.

If you want to know whenever we update, feel free to friend this LJ.
++ WORKS ++
Anime, manga, comics, cartoons and games are our favorite 'materials' to work with. You may also find movies, arts and celebrities themed icons.

You may also be able to see tutorial and a couple of resources.

If you're looking for a particular subject, don't hesitate to look through the tags and memories pages.
++ RULES ++
1. Credit either feuille_verte @ encens or silma @ encens when using our icons.
2. Do not redistribute our icons in others journals, communities or sites.
3. Textless icons are not bases, do not edit them. Free bases will be labeled so.
4. Do not use the full tutorials for icontests.
5. Do not redistribute our resources in other journals, communities or sites.
6. Do not direct link.
7. Do not steal our work and claim it's yours.
8. Comments are not necessary but greatly appreciated, especially if you take some of our icons and use the tutorials.
feuille_verte's resources : click.

silma's resources : click.
If you're interested to affiliate with encens, please, don't hesitate to comment.

soifon @ aurealia
Current layout features the Linus and Lucy template made by grrliz @ thefulcrum. Many, many thanks to her !

The Profile banner features ?? from the Fables comics. Art by ?? It was made by feuille_verte. Thanks to inxsomniax for the texture. The picture comes from ComicVine.

Iconmakers are beautiful love ♥

Iconmakers are beautiful love ♥